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RTP_Spec_Fic -- Resurrection!

Okay, finally getting around to resurrecting rtp_spec_fic.

Not sure if Lemony Snicket is even technically spec-fic, but who cares? I kinda like the guy's work.

Anyway, you can get the details of his appearance here.

Going Underground

Okay, so let's say this up front: I'm not delusional. I realize that this journal is probably read by a total of two or three people, at best. Those that do read it are most likely on my friends list. However, just in case there are a few nifty lurkers who've slipped under my radar...

I've recently been made aware that this journal has drawn the attention of some people I’d rather not be reading it. Yeah, yeah... I know, it's posted publicly, and when you post things publicly, that happens.

So, I suppose it's time to do something about it.

Starting after this post, this journal is going 99.9% friends-locked.

If you do read this, and would like in on the friends filter, post. Let me know who you are and why you want in, and I’ll most likely just let you in. I'm not gonna be that picky. I just want a bit more distance from certain people.

Now, I did say 99.9%, right?

Most writing-related posts will remain public. For those (admittedly ultra-rare) times I have something writing related to post on, I’ll ditch the filter. I'd hate to exclude anyone who might wish to read about anything I’ve published.

So... Reality Literature... friends-locked... as of... now!

Raw Meat

Two years after it's acceptance, my first gosh-darn print publication is finally available. My story Culling Trees is available in the Sideshow Press anthology Raw Meat.

I actually got my copy of the book this week. It was a shocker to actually seen my name in the table of contents. Well, I guess it's a start, you know?

I finally have a shelf. Albeit a very small one. :)

A few things I forgot...

...to mention here.

Raw Meat, the anthology that includes my short story “Culling Trees”, is now available for preorder. This is my first actual print publication. The story itself is set in a world I plan on writing a lot of fiction in. It's a tiny hint of a much greater conflict. I hope everyone who reads it finds it amusing.

The annual Wake County Public Library Booksale was a few weeks back. Normally, I post an exhaustive list of everything I found. I'm not going to do that this time, but I thought I'd post a few highlights. Just so everyone can see what kick-ass stuff you can find for under a buck.

King Rat by China Mieville - US ARC
SIMS, Book Two: The Portero Method by F. Paul Wilson - Signed Limited HC
Nothing Human by Nancy Kress - HC, FE
Louisiana Breakdown by Lucious Shepard - HC, FE
The Infinity Gambit by James P. Hogan - ARC
The Radiant Seas by Catherine Asaro - ARC
Communion Blood by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro - ARC
The Marble Orchard by William F. Nolan - ARC
Deep Blue by David Niall Wilson - HC

Most of the ARC's are in really good condition. I was stunned to find the Mieville. The F. Paul Wilson book was actually being used as a library book. WTF? A signed limited being used as a library book? Now, the nice part of this is, once you strip the mylar cover, only a library stamp is left to show it was ever in a library. Ditto for the Golden Gryphon editions of the Shepard & Kress books, and the Five Star Wilson book.. Small press books are nice like that.

2006 Wake County Public Library Booksale

Information on the 2006 Wake County Public Library Booksale has been posted to rtp_spec_fic.


Just in case there are ppl on my FL that don't yet subscribe to RTP_Spec_fic

FREE short film viewing and book launch party

Details Here:


Honestly, I'd go myself if I wasn't workbound. I did however pass on a postcard I had to a likely person.

Raw Meat

Creeeeeepy looking, no?

The cover art for Raw Meat, the anthology my short story "Culling Trees" will be appearing in, is finally complete. The book should be available for pre-order sometime in August. However, last I heard, it'll be a really small print run. So there won't be a lot of them available.

I'll post pre-order info as soon as it's available. Be sure to get ‘em while they’re bleeding!

While a few of the contests I've won have resulted in online publication, this will be the first story of mine to be printed on genuine dead trees. So I'm pretty excited about it.

I think I should print the cover and post in my cube at work. Think anybody would mind?

A Contest and the Weekend

Well, I’ve returned from my second trip to Indianapolis. No nifty pictures this time but I did manage quite a good book haul at one of the local used book stores.

While on this trip, I found out my story Voodoo Pets won the Message Board of the Damned's April flash fiction contest. I'm pretty pleased about this. I tried some new things with this story and it's nice to see that they were effective on some level. Makes me want to continue experimenting.

Disturbingly, shortly after declaring my story the winner, the board disappeared off the net. Hmmm... perhaps the story was too effective?

Rumor has it the story will be published in Horror World's May issue. I'll post more details and a link when I have them.

This is going to be a busy weekend. I have to finish some minor details on my new website, begin reworking parts of the Letty Agency site, and write two reviews. Probably won't get a lot of fun writing done. Oh well. On that last one, I could get a few non-fiction publications out of the deal.

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The RTP Speculative Fiction Collective

Okay, I've started an LJ community called rtp_spec_fic. I know we have a lot of writers and cool spec-fic related events in the area, we just have to know they exist. Feel free to join and contribute. That way, none of us will miss any of the cool things.

First Nifty Author Event of the Year!

I found this posted on the NCSU Creative Writing Events page.

Wednesday, February 23
Bruce Sterling
Futurist, designer, essayist, and a science fiction legend--the "Godfather of Cyberpunk" reads from his new work and participates in a conversation about our technological future, moderated by John Kessel.

NOTE VENUE CHANGE: 7:30 p.m. in Kamphoefner Hall (at the Design School)

As an aside, I’ll soon be starting an LJ group for RTP Area Readings and Writer events.

Stay tuned!